3D Works

Final pieces predominately furniture. However as my work develops this may include narratives or installations.

I love the way the light travels through the diaphanous fabric. The layers are synonymous with life layers.

I explained to a lovely gallery owner how I wanted to show the whole story. How I recycle, how each piece influences the other and how strongly I feel that art is for everyone. Why not use beautiful things every day? Ah she replied.."its a narrative".

Its very important to me that the chairs are like a piece of sculpture yet functional. They can be seen "in the round'. Each view is different, like that of a sculpture. Wherever the viewer stands the piece of art should be interesting, varied and have loud and quiet areas.

This was quiet a challenge for us. Claire created a template first and then cut the fabric shapes for printing, finally they were machine embroidered.

A collaboration with Claire Layland, of http://www.dartmoorchairs.co.uk whom has quickly became a friend and colleague.

It was a delight to swop skills. Laure Bury artist needed new covers and a freshen up for her favorite chairs and I have some bright fresh landscapes to cheer me everyday!