Final days before Parallax ‘Art’ Fair

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I knew I would be nervous but I can’t quite explain how I feel. I think todays messy play was me externalising it all. Delighted to see y chair on the Parallax Face Book page and social media is going well. Big questions, have I got the right work? Will I remember everything as I keep forgetting all sorts at the moment!? I have tried all week to generate a few more small pieces. Sometimes we have to push through tough bits but we also have to recognise when to stop. I nearly ruined a piece I’m really pleased with just so I could say it was finished. So I am stopping. I will check my lists, no doubt write more and get on with practical things like food, washing and bread and milk!

So todays #Thoughts, appropriate for Valentines Day. The layers in my work personify life’s layers. We all have a façade from which we face the world. When you fall in love with someone, you have an instinctive connection with him or her and you gradually learn all there is to know and develop a relationship. Never growing tired of looking and spending time with them and that is how you should see my work.