Harvesting Time Brentswood Walk

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In 1879, James Dymond Langsford bought six acres of oak coppice known as Brentswood, in a steep wooded valley near St Mellion. He ‘ripped’ the south-facing slopes and planted, then grafted, cherry saplings. A juicy and sweet variety he called ‘Birchenhayes Early’ was the result. Granddaughter Natalie Allen recalled, “The branches met overhead like the graceful arches of a giant cathedral. A breeze sent a gentle sigh…stirred the blossoms and soft white confetti drifted slowly to the ground. Cherry picking was not for the faint hearted but one summer evening, a man began to sing at Halton Wood. Others joined in and they sang together, like a choir”  “Silk, satin, muslin, rags”

Although the rain threatened it did not fulfil it’s intention until we had all but finished our walk. Thanks to Simon Bates the Cordiale Project co-ordinator and Natalie Allen, author of Full Circle pictured here. We learnt of Talie’s first date with her husband, saw how much had changed and had our heads filled with ideas, references and opportunity. Talie is an inspiration and a joy to listen to. We got up close and personal with a dragon fly and thoroughly enjoyed the company of like minded and interested people.