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Every month I promise myself I will work on my blog and catch up. Every month there seems to be something more important or with an immediate deadline. But actually what is more important than recording what I’ve done and where am I now?

In fact that is what I’m working on now. I have started a new chapter in my life and a lot has been changing. All my work with other artists and Drawn to the Valley has given me the need to move on.  To spend the same amount of time and energy on myself and my goals. Selfish but rewarding. To use the skills I have to speak louder and make a difference.

So where am I now? October 2013 was Past, present and Future. A culmination of work spanning 10 years of Dttv. Working with Andrew Brewerton, Joe Lanyon and Judith Robinson for the selection panel gave me such insight and showed me how insular I had become. The need to grow led me to London and the Parrallax Art Fair, Old Chelsea Town Hall. bright lights and big city literally calling. I don’t want to live there, I love the peace, tranquility and inspiration of the coutryside but I do want to stay in tune with the fast pace and cutting edge of life.

There have been three significant exhibitions at Plymouth College of Art since my residency there and I am now really beginning to achieve the printed works I strive for. I value the link, support and life line it offers and work hard to keep that connection.

Stephen Framlingtons show with beautiful and sublime subtle charcoal work started me off again to focus on drawing. The opportunity of talking with him and working alongside him for the BIg Draw was invaluable. He told me of the years plans for his department and I have relished watching those achievements and learning from them. The Jerwood Drawing Prize and Sketch coming to PCA have been fundamental. All have reinforced my belief, intentions and determination.

So I am halfway through 2014. I curated CAPTURED IN TIME and was extremely heartened by the response from Dttv members. We achieved 70 pieces of work which explored ‘ what is Natural Beauty?’ They epitomised the 5 special qualities required to achieve an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB status) and the show illustrated in 2 and 3 dimensional form how lucky we are to live in The Tamar Valley

My aim to branch out has lead me to sign up for Devon Open Studios and I am delighted to be one of the 5 winners of The Emerging Artist Bursary Award and shall be exhibiting with The Thelma Hulbert Gallery in September. Launching the open studios event. I will of course also be participating in DTTV annual Summer show and Open Studios too.

I wrote a proposal for Digital Encounters and have exhibited at Canterbury UCA and took part in the textile symposium. I have been offered a solo show in New York, Manhattan and am working out how to achieve this.

Meanwhile I have a new studio, new work and a sculpture garden to complete ready for Open studios. I am currently working on “Inside-out” a literal and metaphorical body of work including sculpture/installation and it will be part of my long term plans of “Where am I now?” So watch this space…