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Visual Influences

Windows, architecture, museum displays, window displays, fashion, reflections, glistening gold, inky warm blues, brilliant turquoises, deep rich reds, russets and browns. A rich tapestry of history waiting to tell its story and share its drama and excitement visually and metaphorically.


Insideout- My trip in Ghost with Adam Chodzko

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My trip underground with Adam Chodzko in Ghost In the dark confined space I took comfort from the deep resonating sounds of the voice. It was an intimate space, deeply secretive and gave light to ones innermost fears and thoughts. “This is where my father died”. It was a statement. Not one that invited comment or […]


Go lightly

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My recent ski trip to Slovakia has surprisingly given new meaning and direction to my work. I’ve always been drawn to the majesty of arches. Often soaring above us making our presence seem so tiny and inconsequential. An early ride up the cable car (which I called the pumpkin) onto the slopes gave me a […]


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MAKING TRACKS We carve our way through time yet look back sometimes longingly at our past. We fight to preserve and do not embrace progress well. For it is ugly. We scorn those before us who raced ahead, devouring the land and failing to protect its future. Protect, preserve, recycle and strive for a sustainable, […]


Morning light…

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This is my favourite time of year….. The hedgerows are so beautiful with life literally bursting from them. I’ve been back to The Garden House a favourite haunt and have been exploring new walks with my dogs-was thrilled to see a fox yesterday! The greens are so fresh, with countless ferns; the shuttle cock and […]