Harvesting Time

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I hope this will continue and be an ongoing project. This years work, I say optimistically is showing now until 31st October. During Open Studios the public had the chance to see work in progress and talk to the participating artists.

I was talking to a friend about the project and had to laugh when they said “oh that vegetable thing” – for it is so much more. Focus on the word time.

Think about how the Tamar Valley might be in another 100 years. What will still be here? Do we appreciate how the land has supported us and are we prepared to protect our heritage?

As artists we can help people to answer these questions. We can tell the stories of the past. Would you like to look back into archives, speak to local people who have lived and worked in the valley and look at past artists work to see how the land has changed? Would you like to go to some special places and learn about them from someone who knows about the history and heritage?

I have so enjoyed every aspect of this work. From planning in the early stages; to writing the brief; coordinating and curating the final show. It has been a real privilege to share memories, ideas and time with a diverse spectrum of people and I am truly proud of what the Artists have created. A real chance to create anything we want, to be able to respond in cutting edge ways and for the whole process to be shown so that the public can explore our thoughts and ideas too.

My piece is titled Snow White or Sleeping Beauty….? Go and see for yourselves and I will hope the work and sketchbook can speak for itself!